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Where Can You Carry a Concealed Weapon in Florida?

Concealed Weapon in Florida
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After going through the process of lawfully obtaining a concealed carry permit, you may still be unclear of exactly where you are allowed to carry your firearm. While open carry is not permitted in nearly all instances, there are plenty of places where carrying a concealed weapon is perfectly legal. However, being informed about where are where not this is the case, is essential for avoiding unnecessary charges getting filed against you.

Our Florida gun law attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of gun owners, and have outlined the restrictions and permissions afforded by a concealed carry permit below. We recommend reviewing this list regularly to ensure forgetfulness does not land you in legal hot water.

Locations Where Carrying a Firearm is Illegal

Perhaps even more important than answering the question of where can you carry a concealed weapon in Florida, is discussing where you cannot legally do so. While most locations allow for lawful carry, gun owners are prohibited from bringing a firearm to the following places under Florida statute 790.06:

  • Any location where illegal activity is prevalent, such as drug houses, houses of prostitution, and so on.
  • Stations utilized for law enforcement, such as a police or highway patrol station
  • Courthouses and courtrooms, unless you are a judge or the judge presiding over the case has explicitly permitted you to carry a firearm
  • Detention facilities, prisons and jails
  • All polling places
  • Legislative meetings at all levels, including school district and municipality meetings
  • Athletic events hosted by a school, college or professional sporting team
  • Career centers
  • Bars and other establishments where the primary function is the sale of alcohol
  • School administration buildings, including elementary, secondary, colleges, and universities (However, registered students, employees and faculty members may be permitted by a college or university to carry a non-projectile weapon.)
  • Airports, except when the firearm is encased for shipment and immediately checked as baggage or retrieved and taken from the terminal

It is also important to note that if you are an employee at any of the aforementioned locations or the situations listed below apply, your employer has the right to restrict your right to carry:

  • You work at a nuclear power facility
  • You work with combustible materials
  • You work in an office utilized for national defense
  • You operate a vehicle owned or rented by an employer
  • Federal law or an administrative regulations detailed in a signed contract prohibit firearms on premises (may include parks, places of worship and gambling facilities)

Locations Where Carrying a Firearm is Permitted

If you are not in any of the locations detailed above, and are not lawfully prohibited to carry a concealed weapon by an employer, doing so should be within your rights. However, a great deal of gun law is open to interpretation. If a law enforcement officer questions your right to carry, it is always important to comply with all commands.

If you are wrongfully arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, the Florida gun law attorneys at Graham Legal can help you achieve justice after charges are pressed. Schedule a free consultation now to discuss your case with a member of our experienced team.

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