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What to expect during an initial consultation

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When a homeowner first walks into our office for their free foreclosure consultation, we all sit down in the conference room without any expectations. The Graham Legal team makes no assumptions as to what this particular homeowner is going through or what they wish to do with their home.

During the foreclosure consultation, the first thing our foreclosure defense attorneys will do is listen to your situation. We want to know what contributing factors forced you to stop making mortgage payments. We also want to know what you would like to do with the property. If you would like to keep your home, there are plenty of alternatives that will allow you to do so. Alternatively, if you would like to liberate yourself of the home, we can find the best way of achieving this outcome as well.

Once we have a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish and your driving forces, then we will start working out a plan for you. Our attorneys explain the entire process in detail and answer all of your questions. We review all your documents, and if you had a prior attorney we will revise all the documents they entered as well.

A consultation will generally only last about an hour, but the insight will be invaluable. The clients we meet with usually express relief after the consultation, knowing that we are experienced and taking care of the foreclosure. If you are at any stage of a foreclosure suit or expect that you won’t be able to make your next mortgage payment, we would like to meet with you. Call our office to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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