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What to do When Your Bank’s Attorneys go Bankrupt

Plaintiff's Bankruptcy Attorney is Bankrupt
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The large foreclosure firm Butler & Hosch recently closed its doors due to a lack of funds. This isn’t the first time a foreclosure firm has gone bankrupt, and it won’t be the last time.

The increase in foreclosures nationwide over the past few years created a high demand for foreclosure mills. In response, many of them expanded. However, foreclosure filings are now down drastically, and those same foreclosure mills may be facing harsh consequences.

So what happens to your case if your lender’s firm goes out of business? From our experience in taking over cases of this nature, the process creates quite a bit of chaos for our clients.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect:

The process will take time: Even though the firm might close its doors overnight, the repercussions last much longer. While the lenders are encouraged to find new representation quickly, finding another firm that can handle a large migration of cases is not easy. Regardless of their diligence, the process could still take several months.

We will closely watch the docket for changes: The new attorneys managing the case should notify you when they take over, but notices don’t always reach the defendant or the defending attorney. For this reason, the Graham Legal team performs monthly checks on the docket, so we can reassure our clients that we are completely up-to-date with their cases. 

There will be a long lull and a sudden flux in activity: As mentioned earlier, your case will be quiet for a while. However, as soon the new attorney becomes involved, they will set the gears in motion and try to accelerate the process. A skilled defense attorney will foresee this and prepare accordingly. 


If you have a case that was managed by Butler & Hosch or another firm that has closed its doors, contact us right away. We’ve been through this situation before and have a dedicated team that will help you get past this hurdle.

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