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What to Bring for a Foreclosure Consultation

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A consultation with an experienced foreclosure attorney can provide distressed homeowners with valuable advice when contemplating their options. It is an opportunity to receive answers to vital questions while developing plans to navigate financial difficulties. To ensure that the meeting is productive, debtors should come prepared to the consultation with pertinent information. 

What Should I Bring to a Foreclosure Consultation?

The attorneys will require access to specific documents that they will review to gain an understanding of a person’s current financial situation. Examples of these documents include:

Records of Communication Between the Homeowner and Lender

The attorney will need to review all correspondence that has been received from or sent to the lender, such as letters and emails. All phone calls should be documented in a diary with the date, time, name of the person spoken to, and purpose of the call. 

Financial Documents

These documents will include pay stubs and bank statements from the last several months. An attorney will use these documents to demonstrate the financial hardship faced by the homeowner. Additionally, loan modifications and any efforts made on the part of the debtor to reduce mortgage payments through the lender should be included. 

Lawsuit and Court Documents 

If the homeowners consult with an attorney following the filing of a lawsuit by the lender, additional documents must be provided during the meeting. These will include foreclosure notices, complaints, and summons received in regards to the lawsuit. 

Events Timeline

A chronological timeline of events leading to the current financial hardship will provide context for the attorney to understand attempts made on the part of the homeowner to address the missed mortgage payments. 


A list of questions for the attorney will serve as a helpful reference while in the meeting. This list will vary depending on the decisions the mortgage holder has made prior to the meeting, such as whether or not he would prefer to try and remain in the home or sell the property. 

If you or someone you know is facing the possibility of foreclosure on a home, contact Graham Legal, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation with a foreclosure attorney. 

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