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What is the Cost of Foreclosure Defense?

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The thought of hiring a foreclosure lawyer often sends people into a panic. This is the result of a misconception regarding foreclosure attorney fees. At Graham Legal, we understand that people in need of assistance with foreclosure defense are conscious of how they spend their money.

The first thing to understand regarding fees is that different foreclosure law firms have varying fee structures:

Fixed Fee:

A flat fee may run several thousands of dollars, a cost that will depend on the complexity of the case and the necessity of making court appearances. Several clients come to Graham Legal, P.A seeking help after having hired a fixed fee foreclosure attorney. The client often feels that the attorney did not perform to their expectations, often dedicating very few hours to their case.

A good rule of thumb is to divide the flat fee by $300. The result is the average number of hours the attorney expects to spend on the foreclosure case. That being said, the attorney most likely has a specific action plan, such as filing an answer, filing a motion to compel answers to discovery, or taking a deposition. However, the attention your case gets might not be as personalized as it would be with a foreclosure attorney who has more incentive to work additional hours on a case.

Hourly Fee:

Foreclosure defense attorneys that bill hourly on a case have an advantage to work more on any given foreclosure case. The drawback is that the attorney may perform more work because it is billable, rather than doing it because it is crucial to the matter at hand. A billable payment schedule also means that invoices will vary greatly from month to month.

Monthly Fee:

Working with an attorney that offers a monthly fee has a several benefits. First, the monthly invoice will be consistent, allowing for the client to plan their expenses in advance. In addition, for clients that want to stay in their home as long as possible, this payment method gives the attorney an incentive to do their best to fight the foreclosure. Many clients seek this option because it allows them to save money while the case is in progress, and plan for the future.

At Graham Legal, we want the best for our clients and we want them to have access to affordable foreclosure defense. In order to keep consistent with the wishes of our clients, we offer an affordable payment structure consisting of a small initial fee and low monthly payments. This hybrid fee method allows us to work with each individual client to assist them in attaining their desired resolution.

For more information or to discuss fee options, call our office at (305) 445-9185.

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