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What Florida Gun Law Says About Open Carry

Miami Gun Law Attorney
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As a responsible gun owner in Florida, being informed about Florida Gun Law is of the utmost importance. One area of the law that many gun owners may be unclear on is open carry. While some states permit firearms to be carried in plain view of others, doing so in Florida is considered unlawful display.

What Are Your Rights?

Your rights pertaining to gun ownership vary depending on the state you live in. Only five states give citizens the right to openly carry a firearm, and Florida is not one of them. In order to lawfully carry a gun outside your home, you must have a concealed carry permit. Of course, the law does have exceptions. For instance, if your firearm is exposed on your way to or from a hunting trip, you are protected under law from prosecution. In light of such exceptions, this area of law can be extremely subjective. Therefore, defending cases involving unlawful display requires a skilled Miami gun law attorney.

Could the Law Regarding This Issue Change?

At least for the immediate future, this seems unlikely. Gun rights activists were hopeful about a bill earlier this year that would declare Florida’s ban on open carry a violation of the Second Amendment. However, the Florida Supreme Court shot the bill down back in March with a 4-2 vote, citing that the current policy does not breach a gun owner’s right to self-defense. Similar bills have been proposed in the past, and one has even been filed recently by State Sen. Greg Steube (R-Sarasota), but there is no sign that change is coming soon for Florida gun owners.

Until a law is passed allowing for open carry, owners are urged to avoid any public display of firearms, especially if the action is defensive in a situation that does not call for it. Unwarranted defensive display of a firearm carries a mandatory prison sentence, one which can only be avoided with a strong legal representation.

If you have questions about Florida Gun Law, a Miami gun law attorney at Graham Legal is here to answer them. Give us a call today to ensure your rights are protected.

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