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Verify property ownership before renting

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With the large number of people currently entering the rental market and the many properties vacant due to foreclosure, it’s imperative for everyone to know what tools are available and how to use them. In today’s market, renters rely heavily on listings that are self-promoted through avenues such as Craigslist and Facebook. While it’s great that everyone has access to all of this information for free, it also attracts people with bad intentions. The only way to stay away from these people is to be a well-informed renter.

Thankfully, the tools to safeguard ourselves from scammers are also free, and they are provided by the government. If you encounter property owners during your search that are hesitant to share information with you, just remember that homeownership is publicly recorded. If you would like to look this up on you own to avoid confrontation, below are the links you may use to look up property ownership in Miami-Dade and Broward County:

Miami-Dade County Search:

This search tool is easy to use and fairly direct. In the event that you have limited information on the property or the homeowner, you can use the address to look up the property.

Broward County Search:

The search function works slightly differently for Broward; it’s not uncommon for different counties to have different setups. It’s still easy to use and search, as long as you have the property owner’s name or company name they used for the deed.

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