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Using Litigation to win our foreclosure defense cases

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Foreclosure defense is an art that requires astute observation and immediate action by an attorney that is proficient in litigation. Our attorney, Dillon Graham, who recently won a case that had been in foreclosure since late 2009, proved this.

Graham Legal began representing this defendant approximately a year after the suit was filed. At that time, the bank claimed that our client owed over $150,000. Our team proceeded with due diligence, requesting that the bank provide us with all the information we needed in order to move forward with the case. This stage of the case is referred to as discovery, which is standard during litigation.

The banks are not used to fighting defense attorneys that treat foreclosure cases as litigation. Quite often, attorneys defending foreclosures are bankruptcy attorneys that are using other methods to merely delay the foreclosure process. The bank’s attorneys were proving themselves to be inadequately prepared to respond to our discovery requests.

After three years of representing and fighting for our client, the case was set for Summary Judgment on January 22, 2014. Prepared to win, Dillon entered the courtroom on that day with all the evidence in support of the defendant.  The plaintiff has the burden of proof in the court of law, and in this case they failed to show proof.

Thus the judge entered the Defendant’s Motion Summary Judgment in the favor of our client. Now the case is over and our client remains in his home with his family.

We love stories with a good ending, which is why we love to share them. Foreclosure defense cases are full of struggles, but it doesn’t mean that they have to end badly. Every homeowner has rights that deserve to be defended and every homeowner has alternatives to foreclosure.

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