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Update on the Florida “Foreclosure King”

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David J. Stern, dubbed the Florida “Foreclosure King,” is now facing possible disbarment for violations related to “robo-signing,” the faking of documents in foreclosure cases.

In 2011, Stern gained national notoriety after having to close the doors of his practice due to numerous bar complaints.

At the time, Stern’s firm handled about a third of the Florida foreclosure cases, representing large mortgage providers, including Freddie Mac. His firm grew instantly when they started taking on the bank’s foreclosure cases in 2006.

When the firm shut down, they left approximately 100,000 Florida foreclosure cases in limbo. This caused a major backlog for the courts, and left many families unsure of where their case stood and what steps they needed to make in order to continue. At Graham Legal, we faced the difficulties of figuring out who the new representation for the plaintiff’s were. Moving forward with mortgage negotiations were halted overnight.

Despite the overwhelming number of complaints against Stern, two years went by with him remaining in good standing with the Bar. As of April the Bar filed an 80-page complaint, which detailed 17 charges against Stern for professional misconduct.

As of most recently, a referee has recommended for Stern to be disbarred. Stern and his attorney have not yet commented on this matter, but we are definitely interested to see what his fate will hold.

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