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Uber drivers ticketed over $2.7 million in Miami-Dade

Miami Dade Uber Driver
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While Broward and Palm Beach counties are fighting Uber in the court system, Miami-Dade has blatantly informed Uber that its drivers are not welcome in the county. Miami-Dade rules don’t specifically prohibit ridesharing, but they do not permit it either. This gives county officials the right to ticket drivers who charge for ridesharing.

Uber drivers are being ticketed in person by law enforcement agents in Miami-Dade, and have amassed over $2.7 million worth of fines to date. Between May 2014 and July 2015, over 2,770 tickets were issued. Of those written, around 2,430, or 9 out of every 10, are under appeal.

The tickets begin as an administrative fine and are not criminal in nature. If a ticket remains unpaid, however, the county has the right to get collection agencies involved. This may result in going as far as to place liens on the ticketed driver’s property. Those caught “ubering” in Miami-Dade, also run the risk of having their car impounded by a state officer.

Majority of tickets occur at Miami International Airport

Airports are a popular hub for Uber drivers all across the country, and the Miami International Airport is no different. More than half of the county’s tickets were issued at Miami International, and some state officers even go as far as to impersonate an individual looking for an Uber ride.

Agents have stated that they keep a lookout for a cellphone on the dashboard, as well as drivers whose body language suggests that he or she isn’t there to get a friend or relative. They also noted that they have seen a decrease in Uber activity around the airport, which means that Uber drivers could be smartening up to avoid being ticketed.

Keep up with the Graham Legal blog for more information on relevant legal happenings in South Florida. If you have been ticketed for driving using Uber, and would like to know more about your options when it comes to appealing the ticket in court, Graham Legal would love to set up a consultation and become acquainted.

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