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The Lingering Effects of Personal Injury

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Personal injury law is incredibly diverse, but regardless of the type of injury, the victim will inevitably be afflicted in some way by the event. Furthermore, an injury will probably have more than one notable impact on one’s day-to-day activities. These effects weigh heavily on the personal injury case and the damages awarded to the victim.

Documenting How an Injury Affects One’s Life

Keeping track of how an injury has disrupted one’s daily life is extremely important, since remembering the specifics down the line can prove difficult for most victims. Immediately following an accident, it is advisable to carry a journal in which one can write down any changes that are noticed day-to-day.
So, what unusual occurrences/restrictions should victims take note of?

  • Pain when doing usual activities, such as writing, holding a cell phone, carrying a purse, or even brushing one’s teeth
  • Difficulty sleeping and/or waking up
  • Irritability and emotional distress
  • Requiring the use of a crutches, a cane, or a wheelchair to move around
  • Inability to engage in physical activities like running or stretching
  • Fear, paranoia, or nightmares resulting from the incident

In addition to the victim’s own struggles, a partner or other close family member may suffer drawbacks as a direct result from the accident. This may range from a parent’s inability to change a baby’s diaper, to a lack of income contributing to marriage troubles. In such cases, and cases where the victim is killed by the injury inflicted, spouses or family members may file a “loss of consortium” to recover damages as well. For this reason, it is important to document how others are affected, too.

Most people lead busy lives, but when an injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence, documenting its effects should be top priority. Even if the injury keeps a person from going on a planned vacation a month after it occurs, these impacts need to be noted. Keeping a journal to document an injury’s effects will allow the victim’s attorney to get the justice his client deserves.

If you have questions about personal injury, contact a Miami personal injury attorney today. The team at Graham Legal is knowledgeable, highly experienced, and ready to provide you with the guidance you need to achieve retribution.

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