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The Downside of Lower Fuel Costs

Trucking Accident
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No, this title isn’t a joke. Most people rejoice when they spend less money at the pump, but lower gas prices can actually have some negative consequences. While your wallet may be reaping the benefits, the drop in prices could potentially make the roads more dangerous.

Let us explain.

When there’s a significant drop in fuel costs, particularly diesel fuels, the trucking industry saves big on one of its top expenses. The savings typically result in increased salaries for the trucking industry’s drivers, motivating more people to seek employment in this industry. This in and of itself is a good thing, as it serves as an answer for a driver shortage that has been plaguing the industry for years. Businesses and consumers also benefit, as a shortage of drivers translates into higher transportation costs. However, more trucks on the road means more deadly crashes.

With an increase of new truck drivers, the likelihood of crashes involving large trucks is also increased due to a lack of experience and in some cases, improper training. Additionally, the influx of large trucks on the roads presents its own risks, from making other drivers feel insecure to affecting how traffic moves. Furthermore, trucking accidents pose a bigger threat to drivers than accidents involving smaller vehicles. The latest statistics show that 98% of accidents involving a semi-truck in Miami result in fatalities.

As the number of large trucks on the roads multiplies, your likelihood of being involved in a serious accident increases. As such, it’s extremely important not only to be safe, but to have a good attorney to turn to in the event that you’re involved in a crash. If you are the victim of a trucking accident and are in need of a personal injury attorney in Miami, you can count on the team at Graham Legal to do everything possible to protect your rights. The first step to getting justice is setting up a free consultation.

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