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I highly recommend Graham Legal, PA. Dillon and Marilyn along with the rest of the team really care about you and not just your case. Graham Legal defended my family on a wrongful lawsuit. Something that no one really knows what its like until you live it. The one thing we are most thankful for, is that we found Graham Legal to represent us, having done this really made us feel secure and that we were strongly represented. Dillon is extremely professional, intelligent and implements impressive strategic planning on all his cases. He fights very smart and strategically, he will put the opposing counsel on the edge every time. He is not just any attorney as the many you find out there. He does thorough research and documents his cases very well. He will never be unprepared in front of a courtroom. He is an excellent trial attorney. Other attorneys speak highly of him, when you mention his name. Thanks Graham Legal, P.A. for having defended us and winning our case.

Veronica Brizuela

I am truly grateful to Dillon Graham and the staff at his office for their wonderful work and attention to detail regarding my case. Mr. Graham had been fighting for my case for over 18 months and succeeded in getting my foreclosure suit dismissed. His staff are amazing people to work with and have always been more than attentive to my needs and concerns regarding my suit. Their expertise and knowledge of the mortgage industry and customer service are second to none and I will continue to work with them as long as it takes to get resolution to an already confusing situation. You cannot go wrong having Mr. Graham as your attorney as he is the very best in his field.

Carmelo F. Mastroeli

I have been using the services of Graham Legal for approximately five years and I have to say I am very pleased with the work they have done for me and my situation.

Graham Legal, P.A represents class, professionalism, and expertise in the area of home loan modifications.  The representatives of Graham Legal, P.A. pull no punches and are willing to help anyone in their time of need.

I would recommend Graham Legal, P.A. for anyone who is facing foreclosure at this time. I’ve already recommended a friend.  You should do the same.

Happy Customer, Deidra

Deidra Franco, Hollywood FL

Mr. Dillon Graham has been my foreclosure defense attorney for the past three years on four properties that I have.

Mr. Graham successfully defended my cases on two properties and got voluntary dismissals on both at trials.

We received the voluntary withdrawals on the other two properties without having to go to trials.

Without a doubt, I would have lost all my properties if not for Mr. Graham.

Not only that Mr. Graham is a consummate professional, his superb expertise in foreclosure defense, together with the utmost work ethics help me regain the ownership of my properties and I am forever grateful to him.

He also has the best supporting staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend the superb service of Mr. Graham and his staff.

Mai McBride, Client (Palm Coast, FL)

Dillon Graham has represented us on 3 foreclosure actions for the past 3 yrs. He was successful in getting the foreclosure action dismissed on two of our  investment properties.  We are currently in litigation on the third property, but feel we will prevail on this property also.  Dillon Graham’s persistence and knowledge in representing our interest in what we consider an unjust foreclosure action has been exemplary.

Communication with us the client has been a priority of Dillon’s throughout the foreclosure process.  Anytime we have called him with questions, he has always responded in an expeditious manner, informing us of the process throughout the foreclosure actions.

Dillon and his staff’s knowledge and attitude gave us every confidence that our case was handled by a professional “team.” Their work is greatly appreciated. He has an excellent Team working  with  him.

We highly recommend the Legal Services of Dillon Graham to anyone facing a foreclosure action.

Orlando Colon & Sara Mendez

Excellent attorney with knowledgeable staff

I can finally sleep. I retained Attorney Dillon Graham in November of 2013 to get my Mortgage Reinstated. At that time, my loan was seriously in default and the Bank refused to accept my funds on 3 occasions. His Secretary (Amanda) brought comfort to me and my family, even at times when I was nervous and panicky.

Mr. Graham knows the foreclosure field like its his backyard. They were so confident in their approach. My loan is now reinstated. I would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking a well established and organized law firm for their foreclosure case.  I am very satisfied with their level of communication.

Amanda is always ready to answer my questions, never has an attitude over the phone, and returns calls promptly.

Give them a try if peace of mind and positive result is what you require in your case.

Joan Williams, Client

I did my homework when it came to choosing the right representation, after all it was my house that was at stake. Many of the “rate my lawyer” sites kept pointing toward Graham Legal so I gave them a try. I can not tell you what a true blessing it was to hire them. I can rave all day about their professionalism and effectiveness as litigators, but the one thing that will forever be associated with this firm, for my family and I, was the compassion.

From the minute you walk through the door, there is an undeniable warmth that permeates everything about Graham Legal. Dillon is incredible not only as lawyer but as a person. And he surrounds himself with a warm, genuine, anxiously to help staff. Special note of thanks to Natalie and Amanda who will literally overwhelm you with their attention to detail and professionalism. Graham Legal saw my family through the tough times without us feeling the strain. They helped us save our house, and on much better terms than we could’ve ever anticipated. There truly is no better choice in all of Miami!

Andres Tirado, Client

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