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Orlando Colon & Sara Mendez

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Dillon Graham has represented us on 3 foreclosure actions for the past 3 yrs. He was successful in getting the foreclosure action dismissed on two of our  investment properties.  We are currently in litigation on the third property, but feel we will prevail on this property also.  Dillon Graham’s persistence and knowledge in representing our interest in what we consider an unjust foreclosure action has been exemplary.

Communication with us the client has been a priority of Dillon’s throughout the foreclosure process.  Anytime we have called him with questions, he has always responded in an expeditious manner, informing us of the process throughout the foreclosure actions.

Dillon and his staff’s knowledge and attitude gave us every confidence that our case was handled by a professional “team.” Their work is greatly appreciated. He has an excellent Team working  with  him.

We highly recommend the Legal Services of Dillon Graham to anyone facing a foreclosure action.

Call us: (305) 445-9185