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Surviving a Foreclosure

Miami Foreclosure Law
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Just as Florida leads the nation in Foreclosures, Miami leads the state in foreclosure proceedings. The prospect of losing a home is terrifying and usually brings about feelings of embarrassment, panic and fear. As attorneys dedicated to Miami foreclosure law we understand all that is at stake and the uncertainty of the situation, and we do our best to help clients survive not only financially but, emotionally by providing constant support.

If you’ve just been served with a foreclosure suit it is natural to feel overwhelmed but there is help. While it may be difficult to keep a clear head it can help you survive the trauma and move on. It is important to understand that your are not the first homeowner in this situation and that you too will survive.

Below are some tips for surviving a foreclosure:

1. Seek proper consul

It takes a foreclosure attorney dedicated to handling foreclosure law in Miami to fully understand your case. An attorney that is not familiar with the local area may not be familiar with County processes and procedures and as a result, may not be able to deliver the same results. A home is your most valuable asset, be sure you don’t hire just any attorney to handle your case. Meet with several foreclosure defense attorneys in your area and then make the decision. Read more about hiring the right foreclosure attorney.

2. Don’t feel guilty

Chances are that the foreclosure is not your fault. A lot of the reasons homeowners fall to foreclosure are beyond their control. Perhaps you were sold on a mortgage you did not understand or could not afford, maybe the value of your home plummeted and it could not be sold or you lost your job and were unable to find a job due to the poor economic situation. There are so many reasons why homeowners have recently fallen into foreclosure and the majority were outside of their control.

3. Don’t feel like you are giving up

All hope is not lost. There are several alternatives to avoiding foreclosure that can help homeowners. Additionally meeting with a foreclosure attorney can help you weigh your options. If keeping your home is not a sound option an attorney can help give you advice on a strategic default or short sale. Sometimes letting go of your home is the smartest course of action, but it doesn’t mean giving up.

4. Understand the foreclosure process

What you don’t know can be a great source of fear and panic. Its important to know that your home will not be taken by the bank overnight. The process of foreclosure takes time and there are many ways for an experienced foreclosure attorney to stall the process as needed. In Miami, it could be well over two years before you are forced out of your home. In the interim hiring an attorney is a wise decision. Foreclosure attorneys understand that you aren’t in the best possible financial situation and will usually offer monthly payment plans at a fraction of your monthly mortgage cost. Foreclosure attorneys do a good job of educating homeowners on what they can expect throughout the process and what will happen next. When you hire an attorney you have an entire foreclosure team to help ease your worries.

5. Move on

Once you’ve hired the right attorney it will be quite some time before you have to move. Rather than worrying about the foreclosure, focus on getting your finances back on track and let the attorney deal with the uncooperative banks. Hiring an attorney means you won’t have to communicate or deal with harassing phone calls.

The uncertainty of losing a home can be stressful but it should not consume you or prevent you from moving forward. Hiring an experienced attorney to handle your foreclosure case can help mitigate your stress, and reduce the economic impact of the foreclosure. Never feel alone, there are plenty of others who have either already experienced it or are currently experiencing foreclosure.

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