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Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

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Every time you get behind the wheel, the possibility of getting into an accident that causes bodily injury is there. This is true for even the safest drivers since you cannot control the actions of other drivers. When you are in an accident, you may be uncertain of what to do next — and specifically, whether or not you need to call a lawyer.

Here are three instances when seeking out a Miami personal injury attorney immediately after a vehicular accident is advisable.

If You or a Passenger Sustained Injuries

When an accident results in injury, you can expect your life to be disrupted in some way. This can come in the form of pain and discomfort, frequent doctor visits for therapy, hefty medical bills, and even loss of wages stemming from an inability to work. When the injuries are severe (or worse, if the accident results in a death), the effects are further amplified by added expenses and, for injuries, extended recovery times that lead to additional lost wages. In light of this, it is crucial to recover these damages from the at-fault party. While technically you can bring suit against the other party’s insurance company yourself, the help of an experienced Miami personal injury attorney can make an immense difference in ensuring that you are properly compensated.

If Fault Is Uncertain

In Florida, fault for a car accident is attributed to each driver by a percentage out of 100. For instance, you could be found 60% at fault while the other driver contributed 40 percent to the accident. In this situation, you would still be eligible to recover 40 percent of the damages you suffered as a result. However, in many instances the account of an accident is solely a “he said, she said” situation. Therefore, protecting yourself from being wrongly held at fault often requires the help of an attorney. If there are conflicting reports on the accident, you should reach out to a lawyer immediately.

If Your Insurer Does Not Protect Your Interests

The moment your insurance agency does not seem to be on your side, an attorney should be contacted. When an insurer does not protect you as it should, it is acting in bad faith and thus cannot be entrusted to secure the damages you deserve. A personal injury lawyer can litigate against the other party’s insurance company and your own. In a situation like this, contacting a lawyer may be necessary to ensure you are appropriately compensated for the accident when insurance providers are presenting obstacles.

If your case is not covered in one of these categories and you are still asking, “Should I get an attorney after a car accident?” you can obtain more specific answers by scheduling a free consultation with a skilled Miami personal injury attorney. To arrange for a meeting with a Graham Legal attorney, call our office today.

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