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How to select a personal injury attorney in Miami

personal injury attorney in Miami
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There definitely isn’t a shortage of personal injury attorneys in Miami. Doing a quick search online will reveal hundreds of attorneys in under a second. With this said, choosing the correct personal injury attorney in Miami to handle your claim may seem like a daunting task. With so many to choose from, how do you know that the one you select is the best choice?

The best way to approach hiring a Miami personal injury attorney, is to view initial consultations as your chance to interview them. Remember, you’re the one doing the hiring, you’re the one making the payment, thus whom you choose to work with is your decision.

In order to ask questions that are relevant to your case think of the specifics, like where the incident happened, what parties are involved, and what types of injuries you incurred. In addition to specifics, we have a few questions below that will provide some insight when speaking with a potential personal injury attorney:

·      How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial and what were the results?
·      What types of personal injury cases do you normally take on? Slip and fall? Construction site? Automobile accidents?
·      What types of injuries have you handled? Life-long injuries, such as paralysis or brain damage?
·      Have you represented clients in similar cases, such as mine?
·      If I am not satisfied with the insurance company’s settlement office, will you be the attorney filing a lawsuit on my behalf against the insurance company?
·      How often will you communicate with me regarding my case?
·      Has your bar license ever been suspended and why?
·      What is your contingency fee?

Aside from providing you with answers to the very specific questions, having a conversation with the attorney that goes back and forth will allow you to gauge how comfortable you feel speaking with the attorney. Sometimes it’s okay to listen to your gut instinct.

With these questions at hand, in addition to a few of your own, schedule appointments with a few attorneys in the Miami area and meet with them prior to hiring an attorney. It is possible to switch attorneys after a claim or case is in motion, but it will save you money and headaches to perform a little research before beginning a working relationship.

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