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How to search foreclosure filings in Miami-Dade

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One of the many services we provide clients is looking up their case on the court docket on a monthly basis. If a suit has not yet been filed, this is a measure that guarantees that the filing of the foreclosure will not be missed. For those already in a foreclosure suit, it serves as a way to keep abreast of all documents filed in the court by the lender, it’s a failsafe implemented by our office in the event that we do not receive proper notification.

Checking on a monthly basis is frequent enough to keep up-to-date with all filings since the nature of foreclosure suits is generally slow-moving, however, sometimes checking the docket a little more often is comforting to our clients. Thus, we have prepared this guide that walks clients through the steps to search for a case in the Miami-Dade docket search.

Step 1:
Go to
Scroll down, on the left you will find the Public Records Search section, click on Civil.

Step 2:
This will direct you to three search options, select Standard Case Search.

Step 3:
Now you will be directed to a screen that will allow you to search by Name or Local Case Number.

  • If a case has not been filed yet or you do not have your case number, you can use the name search. Enter the name of the person on the deed: Last name, then first. If you have a common name, entering the Filing Date Range may narrow down the results. Once entered, click Search.
    • Sort through the list for a case the matches your name as the defendant and the name of the lender or servicer as the plaintiff.
  • If you have your case number, click on the Local Case Number tab and enter it into the field provided, then click Search. This search will take you directly to the docket.

The docket will provide you with basic information about your case, such as any hearings that are scheduled and documents that are filed with the court. We generally send email notifications of the documents we file. We contact our clients immediately by phone if there is anything filed that requires immediate attention or is of significant important.

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