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Types of Personal Injury

Graham Legal represents victims and their families who have been physically, mentally, and/or emotionally harmed in an accident. Personal injury cases arise from all sorts of negligent misconduct whether it is while working, driving, or other day-to-day activities. It’s imperative to contact an attorney as soon as possible because there are varying statutory limits, which prohibit parties from filing a case after a specified amount of time from the incident.

While selecting a personal injury attorney, the client should seek a professional with expansive knowledge in the field of personal injury, a strong history of litigation, and most importantly, an attorney who is empathetic towards his clients and will do anything necessary to get the awarded amount deserved.

Here, at Graham Legal, we are experienced with various types of personal injury cases, below you will find the most common types of cases we take on. If you or a loved one have a case that don’t fall into any of these categories, we would recommend that you call our office to speak with one of our experts because we may be able to help with advice, representation, or a referral.

Car Accident Injury:

Car accidents are all too common in Miami. The roads in South Florida are crowded with everything from motorcycles to large multiple axle vehicles, including busses and trucks. Whether the driver at fault, was distracted, working, or was drunk driving, our auto accident injury attorneys are prepared to take all liable parties to court.

Serious car accident injuries are not always immediately noticeable, thus it’s necessary to go to a specialist and be examined for any spinal injuries, head trauma, and other possible injuries. Many types of injuries resulting from car accidents may have lifelong effects or  require months of treatment and physical therapy.

During trial, we will hire medical experts to explain exactly how the accident caused the injuries and to elaborate on the negative impact the injuries will continue to have on our clients. Expert witnesses and detailed exhibits are used in court to strengthen your case when presenting before the judge and jury. The Graham Legal car accident injury attorneys will make sure to have all the supporting evidence to obtain a verdict with the awarded amount that you deserve to compensate for the pain and discomfort suffered.

Construction Site Injury: 

Construction sites are amongst the most dangerous work environments. There are many state and federal regulations in place to protect people from construction site injuries, yet many workers are seriously injured or killed, annually.

As experts in Miami personal injury cases, our attorneys can quickly analyze a case and determine who  was the negligent party and whether it is a case that should be pursued. If you or someone close to you has been injured on a construction site, make an appointment with the Graham Legal attorneys right away. During our no-obligation consultation our attorneys will review your case and advise whether there’s a strong suit in your situation. Should you decide to move forward with the suit, we are prepared to sue any negligent party immediately for the construction site injuries incurred.

Product Liability:

Product liability cases range in everything from defective products, products without proper warning labels, and otherwise dangerous products. Manufacturers and distributors are responsible for injuries caused to consumers by the products they sell. Thus it’s imperative to remember that if you’re injured by a product that didn’t have clear instructions or warnings or was poorly designed, it is not your fault and you should not blame yourself. It is the duty and responsibility of the manufacturers and distributors to know the possible effects of misuse of the product they are selling and warn their consumers of such possible outcomes.

It is possible that the manufacturer already discovered the problem with their product and has recalled the product or there might be a class action suit already in place. Regardless of whether either of these actions have occurred, you as the injured consumer may still be entitled to recovery for damages.

Above all else, do not sign a settlement agreement before speaking with an attorney! Companies and their insurers will offer as little as possible if they are aware that you do not have an attorney representing your interest. If you receive an offer for a settlement prior to discussing the case with an attorney, simply ask that they give you a few days to have your attorney review the agreement and immediately make an appointment for consultation.

Spinal Cord Injury:

Spinal cord injuries are extremely common due to negligence. They can occur from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, falling, playing sports, or knife and gunshot wounds. A spinal cord injury affects the victim for the rest of his or her life and they deserve compensation for the detrimental effects the injury will have on their quality of life and to cover costs of all the necessary treatment they will undergo.

Spinal cord injuries, depending on severity, may require extensive physical therapy or may shorten a person’s life, if not fatal. Those that have to live the rest of their lives with the effects of a serious spinal cord injury may have overall reduced voluntary and involuntary bodily functions, including inability to control bowel and bladder functions, or even breathing. To say that the victim’s quality of life has diminished is an understatement.

At Graham Legal, the personal injury attorneys are adept in personal injury litigation. Having vast experience in representing victims in different legal matters in the court for many years, makes our attorneys comfortable and confident before the judge, opposing counsel, and the jury. Our experience ensures that we will not be blind-sided by opposing counsel. Armed with facts, evidence, research, and expert witnesses, our team will do everything necessary to obtain the award amount that will assist clients with costs for the resources they need.

Bad Faith Insurance:

A majority of personal injury cases involve insurance companies. Whether it is an automobile insurance company, workers’ compensation, professional liability, or any other type of insurance company, they are difficult to work with. Insurance companies have lawyers working diligently on their behalf to find ways of reducing liability, but they sometimes take it too far. When insurance companies are avoiding paying out to an injured party with a rightful claim it means that the insurance company is working in bad faith.

For anyone inexperienced in working with insurance companies, it will probably be difficult to deduce when an insurance company is just being difficult and when they are acting in bad faith. The key identifiers of an insurance company acting in bad faith are:

  • Is the insurance company denying a legitimate claim?
  • Is the insurance company offering to settle for less than the justified amount?
  • Is the insurance company take too long to send out the payment owed?
  • Is the insurance offering to pay for only a portion of the owed amount?

Should you encounter  any of the situations described above, contact the attorneys at Graham Legal immediately. We can arrange a meeting to discuss the details of your case and assess how much you are owed based on expenses such as medical bills, level of negligence and liability.

Premise Liability:

When a person is injured on someone elses property, whether it is a private of public space, it is sometimes concluded that the owner of the property was negligent in the maintenance of the property. Often, the injured person will feel that they are at fault for not paying close enough attention to their surroundings, but in reality a person is only responsible for using as much care as can be reasonably expected. Thus, if there is a small ditch on someone’s property and you misstep, that isn’t necessarily your fault for not seeing the ditch. In a situation such as this, the owner might be expected to secure the area or place a sign to indicate the hazard.

Premise liability can be placed on the owners of builders, shopping malls, garages, landlords, and homeowners.  In addition to negligent maintenance, property owners and managers can also be held responsible for lack of adequate security, particularly in parking garages. There is a well-known risk associated with violence in garages, thus the owner is responsible for the safety of its users.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured due to inadequate maintenance or security of a property, contact our office right away for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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