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Cost of Foreclosure Defense

Homeowners facing foreclosure are often afraid of meeting with attorneys because they expect the cost of foreclosure defense to be exorbitant. In actuality, it is much costlier not to hire a foreclosure defense lawyer because the bank will get away with charging excessive fees that they will pile onto the remaining balance of the mortgage.

Before even hiring an attorney, there is the consultation. A lot of useful information and insight can be gained just by presenting the situation to a foreclosure attorney and discussing possible alternatives. The initial consultation with one of our foreclosure defense attorneys is absolutely free and there is no obligation to hire us. During the consultation we may offer alternatives that don’t involve an attorney, and may even be able to provide guidance on how to achieve the desired result. In the event that we believe that the matter at hand would truly benefit from the assistance of a foreclosure defense attorney, we will discuss the next steps to achieving your goals.

Keep in mind that hiring a foreclosure defense attorney will stall the foreclosure and allow the homeowner to remain in their home for the duration of the suit. During this time, which could last several years, the homeowner will not be making mortgage payments. Thus the monthly payments for legal foreclosure services are offset by the lack of mortgage payments.

Without a foreclosure defense attorney, the homeowner will be forced to leave the property much sooner and will have to make rent payments immediately.


Payment structures for the cost of foreclosure defense vary from firm to firm. However, we would like warn homeowners from taking an offer that sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, there are many lawyers that will lure in homeowners that are in desperate need of assistance by offering a low one-time fee and a promise to “take care of the foreclosure.” What they usually fail to mention is that they will do the bare minimum to defend the foreclosure, will only prolong it for a couple of months, and they will not do anything to prevent a judgment against the defendant.

That being said, a homeowner needing foreclosure defense shouldn’t let the thought of having to pay too much for representation, deter them from meeting with an attorney. At Graham Legal we know that our clients are already facing financial hardship and we do our best to structure our fees in a way that is feasible for our clients. We charge a nominal initiation fee followed by low monthly payments.

We find that our payment schedule works best for our clients because it allows them to predict their monthly costs. When clients are billed hourly the fees can add up very quickly.

While some potential clients may be hesitant to pay the small initial fee, it is necessary to allow us to jump right into the case. At the onset of representing the homeowner there is always a bulk of work that can’t be predicted. As such it is imperative that we spend as much time as necessary researching, compiling data, and formulating our plan of action.

We will be happy to discuss pricing prior to scheduling the initial consultation. If you have any questions feel free to call our office, the team at Graham Legal will be happy to assist you with any of your concerns.

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