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Is Florida’s PIP Requirement a Thing of the Past?

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Florida’s auto insurance personal injury protection requirement could be a thing of the past, at least if certain Florida officials have their way. The Florida Department of Financial Services is in the process of seeking a vendor to conduct a $125,000 study to consider doing away with the requirement. The department hopes to have the final report completed as early as September 2 of this year.

The Report

The FDFS is hoping to replace the requirement for PIP with new stipulations for levels of bodily injury insurance, or even no guidelines for purchasing bodily injury insurance at all. Ultimately, the action will depend on the results from the study, which will either give lawmakers the facts that are needed to make the change or solidify the need for PIP. Delray Beach Representative Bill Hager has already expressed his desire to propose legislation that would repeal PIP completely, according to the Sun Sentinel. Some people think there is a hundred-to-one shot of this becoming a reality, but the costly report could make it possible.

Controversy Over PIP

When the requirement was initially introduced, it wasn’t exactly met with rejoice from Floridians. It was developed as an answer to the spikes in auto insurance coverage brought on by fraudulent claims. Instead, it likely infringed upon the rights of many in actual need of compensation. Reports document a drop in PIP claims since the introduction of necessary PIP coverage. This is believed to be a result of the 14 day limit on seeking medical treatment and restrictions on what kind of practitioners the insurance payout will cover. For instance, acupuncturists and massage therapists are not permitted for PIP coverage under current Florida law.

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