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Reasons why you should a hire a foreclosure defense attorney

Miami Foreclosure attorney for reverse mortgage
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The process of foreclosure is one of the worst legal processes an individual will likely have to go through. The experience can be confusing, embarrassing and very complex. In Miami, the process can also be very lengthy and time consuming. The good news, is that the aid of an experienced Miami foreclosure defense attorney can provide much needed relief.

Foreclosures are still rather common in Miami-Dade, with Florida foreclosure rates often topping the nation. At Graham Legal, P.A., our ongoing goal is to assist those who were wronged by the banks and who are either looking to keep their home or who want a fresh start. We’ve helped countless homeowners obtain loan modifications, short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure and other alternatives to foreclosure.

Below are several reasons to hire a foreclosure defense attorney:

    • You have just been served with a foreclosure notice
    • You are struggling to make mortgage payments and have fallen behind
    • Your lender hired a local foreclosure attorney who files a complaint in court
    • Your financial situation has significantly changed and you are no longer able to afford your home
    • You wish to modify the existing terms of your loan
    • If you have attempted to modify your loan with the lender and been unsuccessful
    • The bank promised a loan modification, but moved forward with foreclosure

As a Miami foreclosure defense attorney we have experience in defending foreclosures across Miami-Dade. We can provide you with options to try and help you avoid foreclosure or achieve your ultimate goal with the least amount of consequences. Additionally, working with an experienced attorney will get you much further with your lender, the right experience and team can make a huge difference when attempting to renegotiate the terms of your loan. An experienced attorney, will maximize your chance of keeping your home, provide expert legal advice, and will ensure you never miss a deadline, a key factor in being successful.

During the process, we will provide you with the necessary information to avoid foreclosure, and will help you identify the laws that are in place to help protect you, the homeowner. We will also hold the bank accountable and ensure they are following the proper procedures when attempting to foreclose on your property.

A foreclosure defense attorney will not only defend you in a foreclosure proceeding, but will also work with your lender to provide alternatives to your foreclosure. The options available are typically greater the earlier that your retain counsel. The longer you wait, the fewer the options your attorney may have to aid you. If you are unsure, schedule a free no-obligation consultation with several experienced foreclosure attorneys in your area.

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