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Is the property owner liable for harm caused by another?

property owner liable for harm
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Is the property owner liable for harm caused by another? There are two types of premises liability cases, negligent maintenance and negligent security. Negligent maintenance is when someone is injured because the property itself isn’t well maintained, for example a ditch in the floor isn’t covered or a shelf isn’t properly secured and it falls on someone. Negligent security is when an attacker injures someone on a property that can be expected to have security.

If a thief or assailant harms you on privately owned property it is possible that the owner is liable for not taking greater measures to protect you from foreseeable dangers.

Many factors are used to determine liability on premise liability personal injury cases, which an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer will find while reviewing the facts of your case and will then make a determination of how to advance with your case. Depending on the type of property, the owner has certain responsibilities to guests, clients, and patrons.

Listed below are some of the security measures property owners are responsible for:

·      Properly lit hallways, parking lots, and stairways.
·      Locks in working condition where necessary.
·      Having cameras throughout the premises.
·      Properly trained security staff.
·      Installed alarm systems.
·      Warning signs.

Generally, property owners are required to protect people on their property from any foreseeable dangers. Thus, when hiring a personal injury attorney it is advisable to choose one that knows Miami well; it will be necessary for the attorney to know crime statistics in the area to properly discern the degree of foreseeability of the particular act committed.

If you are unsure whether the property owner is legally liable for injuries sustained during an attack, it’s best to make an appointment for a free consultation right away. Our personal injury attorneys will gladly review all the facts and provide you with the information you need.

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