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Preventing construction site injuries

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People working on construction sites are particularly susceptible to receiving major personal injuries. The rate of the deaths during the course of construction work are much higher than in most other industries. Whats most alarming is that falls are accountable for a disproportionate number of deaths in construction site injuries. This is most alarming when considering the number of tools available to assist in safety and the training available to construction workers on how to use the tools properly.

When it comes to safety, employers are responsible for taking all the necessary measures to ensure employees are always free from harm. Safety precautions include training, posting OSHA safety posters, and providing the proper tools for each construction site project. Additional information on safety guidelines can be found on the OSHA website. It is important for construction workers to understand the various safety regulations to ensure they are met on their job site. It is recommended that any safety violations be immediately reported to avoid construction site injuries.

Despite the resources available to employers construction site injuries still happen much too often. If you or a loved one was injured while working on a construction site, it is possible that the employer is at fault due to negligence as federal regulation makes employers responsible for the safety of their workers. If youre not sure who was at fault for a construction site injury, our personal injury attorneys will be able to provide answers.

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