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Powdered Caffeine Claims Two Lives

Powdered Caffeine
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Caffeine is generally a safe product that is consumed daily by many people worldwide, it’s even part of several customs and traditions. However, we’ve seen many combinations or altered forms of caffeine that can easily become dangerous. Not long ago, there was a rise in automobile accidents caused by the consumption of caffeinated alcoholic beverages. Now there’s a growing awareness to the dangers of powdered caffeine.

Even though powdered caffeine is directly linked to two recent deaths of young adults, in excellent health, the substance cannot be directly controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that it is still available online. Major online retailers, such as Amazon and Etsy, recently removed the product from their respective websites, but it can still be obtained by other direct retailers.

The FDA is doing what it can to create awareness of the dangers including sending letters to retailers, informing them of the risks and the possibility of taking the matter to court. However, the FDA only has direct control over the use of caffeine in food and beverages, the powder is considered to be a supplement.

It is difficult to determine how many deaths are directly attributed to caffeine overdoses as they are generally classified as heart failure. According to the FDA, just two teaspoons of powdered caffeine is considered to be a lethal amount. Each teaspoon is the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee, the measurements require such precision that it is nearly impossible to accurately measure.

One of the common reasons to seek out the powdered caffeine is to avoid consuming the sugar and sodium generally included in energy drinks. Thus, its appeal to people that live healthy lifestyles. We suggest you share this information with friends and family, as they may not be aware of the potency and danger of this product.

As personal injury attorneys, we know first hand that everything that is available for sale isn’t necessarily safe. If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one has been put at risk by products that were dangerous, it is wise to set up a free consultation with an personal injury attorney. At Graham Legal, P.A., our goal is to evaluate your case during the free consultation and provide insight into the case.

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