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Personal Injury Update: E-Cigarettes

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The more popular electronic cigarettes become, the more problems they seem to be linked to. The popular alternatives to smoking “real” cigarettes have garnered attention in the past for the health concerns they present, such as nicotine addiction. The devices are marketed as safer than traditional cigarettes, and even a method of quitting the habit altogether. However, there have been several reported incidents in the U.S. of faulty electronic cigarettes that have exploded.

Making Headlines

News of e-cigarettes combusting recently came to light when publications began reporting of incidents in which an electronic cigarette exploded while in use. One of the most publicized cases was that of 16-year-old Ty Greer, from Alberta, Canada. It was reported that Greer was smoking an e-cigarette while driving in his car, when the device exploded. The explosion left the teen with broken teeth and extensive burns.

Greer isn’t the only one who’s suffered from an e-cigarette accident. Just last month, an Indiana truck driver was hospitalized after claiming that an e-cigarette he was smoking combusted while he was driving, causing him to crash. More and more victims of these type of accidents are coming to light, and each has a case for a personal injury claim.

In spite of the growing amount of incidents, representatives of the e-cigarette industry maintain that the product is not to blame. In response to the accusations, they stated that the cause of the accidents can be linked to the manufacturer or user error. Nevertheless, the industry’s track record works against its response to these incidents. While injuries caused by e-cigarettes are on the rise, they are certainly not new.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has acknowledged the hazards these devices pose since 2014, and yet, e-cigarettes have been widely marketed as a safe alternative to smoking. FEMA linked the explosions to overheating of the device’s lithium battery. A major concern, and likely one that can be tied to the reason for the explosions, is a lack of regulation on the product. In light of growing concerns, many are calling for stricter rules.

It’s important that people using these devices be informed about their potential dangers. If you are ever the victim of an e-cigarette explosion, you need to know who to turn to. At Graham Legal, we’re experts in both personal injury law and consumer protection. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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