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Personal Injury Myths

personal injury myths
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Personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation. They’re often seen as the antagonist, chasing a quick buck and targeting people who have sustained injuries. The term ‘ambulance chasers’ is often used when referring to personal injury attorneys. This misconception is derived from myths regarding lawyers and personal injury cases.

Myth 1: A personal injury attorney isn’t necessary for minor injuries.
Regardless of the severity of the sustained injuries, there are specific rules and guidelines for paying out that insurance companies are supposed to follow. Most of these regulations are provided as parameters and leave some room for interpretation. It is this sort of ambiguity what insurance companies capitalize on to minimize the claims and pay as little as possible. This is precisely why it’s best to have a personal injury attorney defending your interest when settling with the insurance company.

Many people argue that any additional settlement received with an attorney, versus negotiating a settlement on your own, isn’t enough to justify the expense of a personal injury lawyer, but that is simply incorrect.

Myth 2: Hiring an attorney will ensure a drawn out court battle.
Going to trial is an exhausting and expensive process. Attorneys reserve going to court only as a necessity when all other negotiation or arbitration has failed. There are many tactics attorneys use to persuade or push insurance companies in the desired direction, prior to taking a case to court. During an initial consultation, attorneys will generally be direct in advising whether they foresee your case being settled out of court or going to trial.

Myth 3: Personal injury lawyers are unaffordable.
Personal injury defense is generally charged on a contingency basis, meaning that the attorney will collect a fraction of what the insurance company pays out. On one hand, this exempts you from being responsible for attorney’s fees, and on the other hand it encourages the attorney to negotiate in your favor.

It’s okay to have doubts regarding hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your personal injury case. If so, the best course of action is to do a little more research. Personal injury consultations at Graham Legal are absolutely free, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation directly with an attorney and ask any questions you may have.

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