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New film “99 Homes” all about Florida Foreclosure Crises

99 homes movie
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The new independent movie left people in tears at the Toronto International Film Festival, it follows the trials and tribulations of a family evicted from their home and forced to live in a motel. Andrew Garfield star of “Spider-Man” plays the role of Dennis Nash, an evicted construction worker who takes a job with a corrupt realtor to support his mother and young son.

The reaction to “99 Homes” has been very strong. Set in Orlando, it covers topics that hit very close to home for many middle-class families who were similarly effected. Several families have yet to recover from the housing crises that began in Florida and affected so many all over the world.

This movie is considered to be the “Wall Street” of the subprime mortgage era, with the director interested in giving a very real perspective on the horrors produced by the economic downturn including foreclosures. In order to make this movie, the director and actors spent countless weeks in Florida conducting first hand research, including living with middle-class families who had been foreclosed on and had nowhere to go.

Floridians don’t need a reminder of the recent economic downturn, however for those who did not experience it themselves, it gives good insight into the struggles faced by so many. For several people this movie will be much too difficult to watch evoking feelings of helplessness, frustration, and even embarrassment. As foreclosure defense attorneys, we have experienced this first hand, more than just attorneys we have had to be there for people going through what might very well have been the most difficult time in their lives.

Through our experience we have been able to thankfully help many families keep their home and get back on their feet.

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