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Minimize your cost of foreclosure by choosing a proper attorney

Cost of foreclosure
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When it comes to choosing a foreclosure lawyer, you have many reputable choices. Unfortunately, however, you also have many poor ones. Hiring an unethical foreclosure lawyer as opposed to an honest, successful attorney can make all the difference when it comes to having a successful outcome in a foreclosure case.

One sign of a bad foreclosure lawyer

Two words: High volume. Foreclosure attorneys oftentimes take on an extremely high volume of cases to compensate for their low fees, and your case is the one that suffers. These lawyers that take on too many cases often fail to take action on their client’s behalf, and even sometimes fail to communicate the status of their client’s current case whatsoever. Many times, homeowners are left off in a worse place than they found themselves initially, even before hiring this cut-rate foreclosure attorney.

Promises to watch out for

  • The foreclosure attorney guarantees that your home will be safe

No one can promise something that they have less than 100% control over, but foreclosure attorneys sometimes do. They don’t have the power to guarantee that you will keep your home, and by doing so, start off on the unethical side from the beginning. This is a major red flag.

  • The lawyer tells you that they have special skills and secrets to negotiate a loan modification with principal reduction

Plain and simple, these secrets don’t exist. In court, there is no negotiating that actually takes place with regards to a loan modification. The investor or servicer will set forth a list of requirements that you must qualify for. If you do, then you’ll get a loan modification. Claiming to have special talents in obtaining loan modifications is nothing more than a gimmick, really.

What to do now

If you’re seeking help, or even entertaining the possibility of learning more about loan modifications, the experienced attorneys at Graham Legal can help. We’re always up front and honest, have structured the cost of foreclosure in a way that is optimal for our clients, and have your best interests in mind every step of the way. We invite you to schedule your free initial consultation, or give us a call for answers to all of your foreclosure and loan modification questions. With Graham Legal, you don’t have to take on foreclosure alone.

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