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Not All Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Are Created Equal

Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorneys
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Everywhere you turn there’s a foreclosure defense attorney, but not all attorneys are of equal caliber. Aside from statistics of their cases, what else makes one attorney better than the other? Many would say that it’s the level of attention they give to each of their clients and the ownership with which they take on each case. As you’re going through the foreclosure process, the Miami foreclosure defense attorneys managing your case should make you feel comfortable and have your best interest at heart.

Things you can reasonably expect your attorney to do include preparing you for the court system you’ll be facing and discuss all of your options. At Graham Legal, we offer consistent, low, monthly payments that allow you some certainty in the cost of fighting your foreclosure.

Foreclosure can be intimidating, making it important to have a team by your side that is available to answer questions as needed. Of course, there are times that attorneys are unavailable due to hearings and other urgent matters, but they should also have a knowledgeable team that is always available. If there is a question that cannot be answered by the attorney’s support team, you should expect a response within a reasonable amount of time.
Aside from answering questions, your foreclosure defense attorney should keep you abreast of key changes in your case. In an effort to keep our clients consistently in the loop, we send email copies of motions and filed documents to all of our clients. We also take an extra step and check the court docket for each case on a regular basis and inform our clients if there have been any changes. Not all firms do this, and they’re not required to, but we consider this to be an extra precaution against unexpected filings from the opposing party.

Just like in every industry, there are attorneys that are easier to talk to, that make you feel comfortable, that provide services that extend beyond the call of duty and that are simply better communicators. That is why our attorneys personally meet with each client to discuss their case in detail and develop a plan of action. Make sure that before you make your final decision that you know exactly what services the foreclosure attorney will provide.

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