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Major Recall of Ikea Dressers

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After three tragic deaths of children under the age of two, Ikea has finally elected to issue a major recall of its dressers. The three victims died between 2014 and 2016, each having been crushed by dressers which had tipped over. In addition to the three deaths, the Sun Sentinel reported that four other injuries were documented as a result of Ikea dressers tipping over during this two-year span.

A Series of Attempted Fixes

After the first child’s death, Curren Collas, Ikea launched its first campaign to try to stop another tragedy from occurring. Unfortunately, the attempt would prove to be unsuccessful. In July 2015, over a year after the first two deaths, Ikea partnered with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to provide wall anchors free of charge to anyone who has bought one of its dressers, with emphasis on the Malm style. However, while a reported 300,000 people sought out the anchoring kits, the campaign didn’t prove to be enough to stop the horrific accidents.

In February of 2016, seven months after the launch of the company’s wall anchor campaign, another toddler, Theodore McGee, lost his life when an Ikea dresser fell on top of him. This final fatality prompted a meeting of the CPSC, which decided that the anchor campaign had not been enough to rectify the issue. Earlier this month (five months after the accident), Ikea issued a full recall, providing full refunds to anyone who had purchased the faulty dressers.

Furniture Accidents & Personal Injury

Injury from furniture is not uncommon. In fact, according to the CPSC, these accidents account for 25,400 injuries per year. These injuries are often the result of poor construction, which can easily lead to tip overs (as was the case with Ikea). Other injuries might include burns from lamps or faulty wiring, or poisoning due to use of unsafe materials. In each of those cases, the victim has a right to collect payment on damages. If an accident happens in someone else’s home, the liability typically rests on the homeowner, so a claim with his or her homeowner’s insurance provider is a viable option.

When unsafe furniture is the cause for an injury or death in one’s own home, an experienced Miami personal injury attorney will be able to seek damages from the furniture company that is at fault. If you or your child have fallen victim to an accident caused by faulty furniture, we’re here to help. Call our expert team at Graham Legal today for help with your case.

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