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How long do personal injury lawsuits take to settle?

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Personal injury lawsuits can quickly be settled with the insurance company in most cases, however, they may get away with offering much less than what your case is worth. Settling too quickly may leave some expenses unaccounted for, which will result with you having to pay out of pocket and not recovering the total amount deserved.

There isn’t any hard timeframe we can give for personal injury lawsuits in Miami. Personal injury cases are often drawn out and can take years to settle or go to trial. There are a few elements that help determine when a case is nearing its completion, listed below:

  • Total medical expenses and resources needed for daily activities
  • Length of recovery period or if the injuries are permanent
  • Quality of life after treatment is completed
  • Income loss during recovery
  • Potential permanent income loss due to injuries

Most of the guidelines described above require the injured person to receive a substantial amount of medical treatment and rehabilitation before the final expenses can be added up.

In addition to medical treatment, all the facts of the case need to line up. If there’s a question of fact, then a lot of research will be required, which may include recovering video footage, depositions of witnesses, and expert analysis.

The team at Graham Legal has the resources to ensure that your case moves along as quickly as possible and we can give you the personal attention you need. Need a personal injury attorney in Miami, call our office to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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