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Loan modifications are our specialty

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There are many attorneys and companies claiming that they can get you a loan modification, despite their claims, few of them are actually successful. Also, if a company promises a loan modification for you, you should be extra wary of this individual because no one can force a bank into offering you a loan modification.

What our Miami foreclosure attorneys do is slightly different; we defend your foreclosure lawsuit and simultaneously apply for a loan modification on your behalf. Of course, we do have a higher success rate with modifications because our team is trained on loan modification applications. From past experience, we have noticed that many of our clients are confused by some of the questions on the forms, or they’re scared to state that they are currently earning income, and are unsure of how the banks use this information. We support our clients by explaining the entire loan modification application, translating if necessary, and then submitting the application on behalf of our client ensuring proper delivery and follow through.

It is no surprise that our Miami foreclosure attorneys are usually successful in their efforts. Notably, we recently obtained a modification for one of our clients, after several years of defending her case. Our client was offered a principal reduction of $178,927 on her mortgage. Now that she has received the offer, once she accepts, she will then have to make three “trial payments,” to show good faith and that she can afford the new reduced payments, which will then be followed by the permanent loan modification offer.

This is almost the finish line, but we want to make sure that our client receives the permanent offer, thus we assist our clients through the trial payments as well. Instead of having our clients send payments directly to the lender, we request that they entrust us with the payment and send the payment with tracking. We maintain thorough records of delivery and receipt of the funds to ensure that our clients receive the permanent loan modification.

If you need assistance with your loan modification, make an appointment with one of our Miami foreclosure attorneys. The initial consultation is completely free and there isn’t any obligation, and we will provide valuable answers.


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