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Knowing and Understanding Tenant Rights in Florida

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A large part of the population in South Florida consists of renters. A positive rental experience may last many years without any issues arising between the landlord and tenant. However, a negative experience may lead to a rental being terminated as soon as the lease is up, or even sooner. As a tenant, it is crucial to understand your rights when in a rental agreement to protect yourself from unfair actions by a landlord. The experienced landlord-tenant dispute attorneys at Graham Legal can protect your rights.

Below, we have compiled a list of rights and responsibilities which are important to be aware of when taking part in a lease agreement.

  • A landlord is required to provide a rental property that is in livable conditions and is compliant to state codes. This means that the residence must meet basic health, safety, and structural standards.
  • When it comes to the security deposit, the State of Florida does not place a limit on the amount a landlord can charge. However,  tenants do have the right to their security deposit being held in a bank account. For the benefit of the tenant, the landlord is required to place the security deposit in a separate account at a Florida banking institution.
  • If the tenant has fallen behind on rent or is not performing items outlined in the lease agreement, the landlord may choose to end the lease. In order to terminate the leasing agreement, the landlord must provide the notice in writing using the language specified by Florida law.
  • In Florida, a tenant has the right to withhold rent in certain circumstances when it is considered to be justifiable and specific procedural steps have to be taken. These steps include, but are not limited to, providing written notice to the landlord declaring the issues to be rectified and allowing time for them to cure the violation.

If you find yourself as a tenant faced with a situation that you cannot remedy with your landlord, the landlord-tenant dispute attorneys at Graham Legal can help to overcome these issues through litigation or negotiation. Contact the team at Graham Legal today to schedule a free consultation to learn your rights as a tenant.

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