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Judge not Accepting Excuses From Bank’s Attorney

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Judges are not pleased with the sloppy way foreclosure cases are being handled by the lenders and their attorneys. Shoddy paperwork and missed deadlines are things that have become all-too-common in foreclosure cases during the past few years. Our office has experienced this countless times. In many occasions the lender’s attorney hasn’t notified us of an upcoming hearing they have scheduled or they don’t respond to our requests in the amount of time allotted. We are experienced in this type of inefficiency from the banks and their attorneys, thus we always keep an eye out for suspicious case activity.

Even though we make extra efforts to ensure that nothing is missed, it still does not excuse the lenders’ attorneys for their inferior quality of work and we are glad to see that judges are taking action to correct this behavior. Recently, Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Richard Oftedal dismissed a 2010 foreclosure case when the lender’s attorney was unable to explain why it took them six months to meet a two-week deadline. This was the final straw for the judge. Previous misconduct included not including defense counsel on the service list on many filed documents and not properly filing an amended complaint.

Judges are working on cleaning up the mess that has been made by the banks, but the process is arduous and slow. In the meantime, we are experienced and prepared to defend foreclosure cases, even when the banks’ attorneys aren’t cooperating.

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