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Is your foreclosure attorney asking the right questions?

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Foreclosures are complicated and messy. Many foreclosure defense tactics are used for the purpose of delaying a case to give families ample time to get back on their feet. Thus, you should be especially wary of a foreclosure defense attorney that will defend your case without discussing foreclosure alternatives.

When you meet for a consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney, there is specific information they must ask prior to suggesting a plan of action.

What questions should you expect from your foreclosure attorney and what kind of insight do they give you?

What is your household income?
Their interest in your household income shows that they have an interest in your starting point and available options. Without this information they cannot determine if you can afford legal representation, if you qualify for a loan modification, or if you qualify for other resources.

What is your overall financial plan for the future?
Not only is your current financial state important, but also what you plan to do in the future. Perhaps you’re applying for disability, looking for a job, or expecting a child, all of these factors need to be considered when deciding the future of your home and what you will be able to afford.

Do you reside in the property being foreclosed?
This question is imperative when determining what defenses the attorney will use in your case. If they do not have the answer to this question, they will not be able to provide accurate information to the bank when discussing your loan.

What is your ideal final outcome for your home?
Depending on your answer to this question, the attorney can decide what their first step should be and how much time you will need. If your goal is to obtain a loan modification, one of the first things they should do upon retention is submit your loan modification application since the review process with the bank is fairly extensive.

Once the attorneys have gathered all the necessary information, they should spend a few minutes discussing how they plan to proceed with your case and what steps you should be taking to reach your goal.

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