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Is the End Near for Robocalls in Florida?

End of Robocalls
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Few things are more bothersome for consumers than unsolicited automated calls. Though the Telephone Consumer Protection Act sets a few ground rules for protecting consumers from unsolicited calls and texts, many telemarketers are still able to find loopholes to exploit. A bill was recently passed through to Governor Scott by the Florida Senate that may eliminate some of those loopholes for telemarketers in Florida if signed into law.

Our consumer protection attorneys in Miami have our eyes on the bill, and we’re sharing an overview of what it could mean for consumers in Florida.

About Senate Bill 568

The national Do-Not-Call registry gives consumers the power to prohibit salespeople from contacting them via their landline or mobile phone. However, The Federal Communications Commission reported that many of the 155,282 consumer complaints it received about robocalls last year were from individuals who were on the registry. This fact brings to light an issue that those who represent consumer protection cases have sought to rectify for years, and SB 568 could be the answer.

To keep consumers’ wishes to not be bombarded with unwanted sales calls from being violated, Republican State Sen. Dana Young has introduced SB 568. The bill would prohibit such callers from leaving voicemails, and require that sales calls only come from a number that is capable of receiving calls. This addition to the law would help make the solicitor more trackable, both for the consumer and federal agencies. Finally, those who violate the Do Not Call law would be met with a fine of up to $10,000. The goal is for these added measures to address some of the loopholes and tactics frequently used by telemarketers to make robocalls in Florida. While it is true the induction of the bill into law would not necessarily stop telemarketers from using these tactics, it would strengthen the case of consumers in Florida who are burdened by the unwanted calls.


If you are being harassed by telemarketers or debt collectors, our consumer protection attorneys in Miami are here to help you seek justice. Contact our office today to get guidance on your situation and learn about your rights.


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