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Injunction Issued Against Florida Debt Relief Scam

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At Graham Legal, we always stress the importance of working with a licensed and reputable Florida debt defense attorney, like those at our firm, when faced with financial distress. Unfortunately, a debt relief scam that was recently brought to a halt is yet another example of why enlisting the right professional is essential.

About the Scam

The defendants, Jeremy Lee Marcus, Craig Davis Smith, and Yisbet Segrea are alleged to have used 11 different fraudulent companies to seek out debt-ridden consumers, including elderly and disabled individuals. The defendants allegedly scammed consumers, who were already struggling with debt, out of millions of dollars. According to reports, many were driven to bankruptcy due the scam. Luckily, Attorney General Palm Bondi partnered with the Federal Trade Commission in May to bring the operation down. The two parties issued an injunction that prohibits the defendants from taking the scam any further. Sadly, that does not mean the victims will recover the funds lost.

According to the complaint, even those who had already enrolled in debt relief programs were targeted with a false claim that the defendants were taking over the accounts. Bondi and the FTC claim the defendants made a lengthy list of promises to those who paid for their services — none of which were kept. The primary pledge made to those affected was to secure a guaranteed debt consolidation loan with low interest rates and smaller payments. In spite of not delivering on that promise, the companies repeatedly charged the victims’ bank accounts.

How to Find Legitimate Representation

While there are laws in place to protect consumers from scams like this one, they regrettably cannot stop them from happening completely. For that reason, it is key to be informed about the scams out there and always seek help only from licensed professionals. When you work with a Florida debt defense attorney at Graham Legal, you can be sure you’re getting guidance from an experienced professional who has your best interest in mind.

If you need assistance overcoming debt, schedule (link to contact) a free consultation with a member of our team today.

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