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Incumbent Diane Lewis Defeated by Jessica Ticktin

Diane Lewis
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Last Tuesday, there was a sigh of relieve as voters deposed Palm Beach County Judge Diane Lewis. During her six-year term she gained a reputation for being rude, to the extent of being considered an embarrassment to the judicial department. It is not surprising that activists, lawyers and Floridians in general donated money and time to Ticktin’s campaign in hopes of ousting Lewis. 

Many were pleased with the defeat of Lewis 54% to 46%, as it meant removing one of the worst bank loving judges from the bench. Her court room demeanor often earned her low marks on attorney surveys. In fact, 147 of the 216 attorneys who were asked to evaluate local judges responded that her demeanor needed improvement. In the same survey, almost half said she was not practicing impartiality. 

With a reputation as the worst foreclosure judge in Florida, it is good news that she lost her seat on the bench. Lewis strongly believed that homeowners facing foreclosure were deadbeats, and often disregarded procedures of law establishing property rights. Her unfavorable treatment of homeowners was notorious. 

Palm Beach County homeowners facing foreclosure can now feel more confident when going to court to defend their property rights. 

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