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Improper handling may get your loan modification denied

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In today’s world, it happens all too often. While loan modification offers can help alleviate financial burdens in the short term, they often leave the homeowner with little chance for future success. In the long term, many of these loan modifications have proven disastrous for homeowners simply seeking refuge from their mortgage struggles.

How to prevent being duped by mortgage modifications

In order to prevent this situation from happening to you, it is vital to have your modification reviewed by an experienced and local foreclosure attorney. If you’re located in the Miami area and in the process of or seeking a mortgage modification, Graham Legal would like to help. Our foreclosure attorney in Miami can walk you through the modification process and inform you of the proceedings likely to occur in the event you agree to the deal being presented. Furthermore, Graham Legal will review the specific terms of your case, which can prevent any clauses detrimental to your future from being included. Without having a trained legal team thoroughly analyze your case, you could be agreeing to a deal that will hurt you down the road.

Eliminate application errors with Graham Legal

As a foreclosure attorney in Miami, we’ve seen errors in these applications all too many times. In some cases, homeowners make mistakes on their application that prevents them from receiving an affordable modification, while other instances we see banks improperly fill out their own paper work. These inaccuracies will be spotted and fixed in the event you have a capable, experienced attorney by your side. For instance, if the bank accidentally lists the income you gave them as bi-weekly, but the number you provided reflected monthly income, the chance you get accepted for a modification is slim to none, since your perceived income would be double what it actually is. Though small, these technical inaccuracies can mean the difference between acceptance and denial. Now more than ever, having a reputable attorney like Graham Legal by your side is vital to the outcome of your foreclosure case.

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