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If you’re encouraged to lie in court, you need a new attorney

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While we’d like to believe that all lawyers are created equal, the fact of the matter is they’re not. With some, ethics and morals fall by the wayside, while others strive to make them their highest priority. Though Graham Legal falls into the latter, we’re seeing far too many unethical actions in Miami foreclosure cases today.

One prime example

In a recent case, Miami-Dade Senior Circuit Judge Jon Gordon found a woman guilty of lying to the court about facts in her foreclosure back in 2008. While first taking Vilma Violetta Martinez’s testimony at face value, the judge later found that she had changed her address to a P.O. box, causing the notices of foreclosure to be undeliverable. Martinez was also found to have sent a note to the lender informing them of economic hardship and relocation, complete with social security number and all. In court, defendant denied sending either, even though no one else knew her social security number and the signatures matched up.

Something peculiar was going on, and it became abundantly clear that Vilma Violetta Martinez wasn’t the only one attempting to prove a lie as truth. The defendant’s attorney did not respond to requests for comment.

The result of loose ethics in Miami foreclosure law cases

The judge was not pleased with the defense and was quick to make a final judgment in favor of the plaintiff when it became clear that the defense was guilty of perjury. Judge Gordon’s final words while entering the decision were, “You ought to consider yourself lucky that you’re leaving here today and not going to jail,” he said. “Give me the judgment. You’re excused. Shame on you all. Shame on you. Leave.”

Prosecutors have been accused of spoon-feeding questions to unqualified witnesses in attempt to crush homeowner defense claims, while defense attorneys are often ridiculed by their opponents for winning cases on defenses they fee are minor technicalities. The situation goes both ways, and now is the time, more than ever, to have a capable foreclosure defense attorney by your side.

Graham Legal is the caring, experienced foreclosure law firm you need

At the end of the day, Graham Legal is the firm you need representing your foreclosure case. We’ll stand behind you and protect your interests, just as an honest lawyer should. If you find yourself contemplating foreclosure or wondering more about your options, we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced foreclosure attorneys. If you simply have questions and want to speak over the phone, call us today. We’d love to help you learn more about your specific situation, and inform you of what can be done moving forward.

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