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It hurts to wait: See doctor immediately after an automobile accident

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Automobile accidents are always inconvenient and even under the lightest of circumstances can still be quite a hassle. However, one thing that that should not be put off is making a visit to your doctor. In the state of Florida, PIP coverage is only extended to people involved in a car accident if they received the initial medical treatment within 14 days after the accident.

PIP coverage refers to the $10,000 included in the your auto insurance, to cover medical treatment associated with the car accident. The severity of the injuries sustained will determine whether the injured person is eligible for the full $10,000 amount. If a physician, osteopathic physician, dentist, physician’s assistant, or advanced registered nurse practitioner determines an emergency medical condition, then the injured person will be allowed to obtain the full amount. An emergency medical condition refers to an injury that if not treated promptly could result in further damage.

If the injured persons involved in the automobile accident are not diagnosed with an emergency medical condition, they will be limited to $2,500 in PIP benefits, even if they pay for higher coverage through their insurance company.

Given that the Florida PIP law has a strict deadline for receiving initial treatment for sustained injuries, it’s best to make an appointment with a doctor shortly after a car accident. If you don’t have a doctor, our personal injury attorneys can provide you with a contact from our network, you may call our office to speak to one of our attorneys at no cost.

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