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How we keep the cost of foreclosure defense low

Cost of Foreclosure Defense
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When people think of the expense associated with hiring an attorney, they immediately associate it with outrageous hourly fees. For a person that is already experiencing financial difficulties, this could be enough to send them running in the opposite direction. That is why we’ve created a payment plan for foreclosure defense that is affordable.

The problem that many attorneys face with defending foreclosure at a low cost is that it’s inefficient for them. If they are primarily bankruptcy attorneys, but take a few foreclosure cases, then they will have to spend more research time doing additional research and apply it in fewer cases. At Graham Legal, we focus primarily on foreclosure defense, thus we research, read, and work with foreclosures every single day.

How our focus on foreclosure yields lower prices:

  • Nothing in foreclosure is new to us. Having dealt with a wide variety of circumstances in the past, we are more efficient with the time we spend on defending each foreclosure because we are able to apply our knowledge from past cases onto you resulting in a lower cost for our clients.
  • We have a system that works. In our office, you’ll see that we have someone who is an expert in all aspects of a foreclosure case. We have someone dedicated to following up with the bank, someone who processes the modifications, a system for discovery, etc.
  • We are familiar with most servicers and banks. We have managed so many foreclosure cases that we have probably communicated with your servicer in the past. This gives us insight into their case management system and an upper hand in communicating with them.
  • We avoid surprises through meticulous preparation. We run periodic checks of the docket for each case and search for any inconsistencies with notices that we have received. This avoids being caught off-guard, which prevent additional litigation costs.
  • We concentrate geographically in South Florida, including: Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

At Graham Legal, our team specializes in assisting homeowners that have defaulted on their mortgage payments or are experiencing difficulties keeping up with their payments. Our system provides superior representation while keeping the cost of foreclosure defense low. We believe in what we do for homeowners, which is why we have a payment structure that fits their needs. If you’re a homeowner like the one described above, please contact us so that we may further discuss how we can help.

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