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Prepare for a Consultation with a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

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Many people choose to meet with a foreclosure attorney either after they have defaulted on the mortgage or when they become aware that they will not be able to afford mortgage payments. Meeting with a foreclosure lawyer is beneficial for both gaining guidance and becoming familiar with available options. During a consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney you will gain plenty of insight and have a solid course of action.

In order to get the most out of a consultation with a foreclosure attorney, prepare the following:

  • Bank statements, pay stubs, and other financial documents that demonstrate hardship. Financial documents are significant for the lawyer to review while assessing eligibility for a loan modification and other options. In addition, if it is decided to proceed with a loan modification, having financial documents for the past two months is an essential component for putting together an application package.
  • Letters or correspondence between you and the mortgage lender. Correspondence received from the bank often contains information that will be helpful when the foreclosure lawyer communicates directly with the bank.
  • A detailed outline of events, including conversations with bank representatives. Make a one page outline chronicling the events that led to financial hardship, when the mortgage was defaulted, any attempts made to remediate the situation, and all conversations with the bank representatives. Having all of this information available for the attorney will be helpful while defending the foreclosure suit.
  • Research possible solutions. In order to assist you efficiently, and to make the most out of your time with the foreclosure attorney, have questions prepared. Know ahead of time if you would like to keep your home or if you would consider selling it or arranging a deed in lieu. The consultation should focus on how to help achieve your desired outcome and how to remedy the current situation.
  • Court documents and suit papers. If you have been served with a summons and complaint, you should bring all documents that have been filed with the court to your consultation for review.

While it is normal to want to express your frustration, making good use of your time is the goal of any consultation with a foreclosure attorney. It is important to spend less time discussing the past and instead discuss the solution desired.

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