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How to Manage Contract Disputes in Business

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A contract is an agreement between two parties that is entered with the expectation that everyone will hold up their part of the arrangement. This is not always the case, however, and the offending party needs to be held accountable for their actions. Even though contract disputes are common in business, they can be time-consuming and costly for all parties involved. Protection from dispute cases is an investment in your business, and enlisting the help of an experienced contract dispute attorney will result in the efficient resolution of future legal altercations.

Types of Common Contract Disputes

Company Contracts

Written agreements are a common occurrence in business and should clearly outline the details of projects or services to be provided by each party. A business contract will summarize standards, deadlines, and deliverables which are to be met as part of the agreement. A contract dispute will arise when aspects of the arrangement are not upheld.

Consumer Problems

Customer disagreements are potentially devastating for businesses in any industry. Businesses often will attempt to settle client disputes out of court, in an effort to protect the company and to prevent lawsuits. Mediation is an essential tool used by businesses in order to manage disputes before they escalate.

General Liability

Businesses will often be faced with general liability claims for accidental slips, trips, and falls. A business can be held accountable for injuries that occur on business property which can result in a legal dispute or potential lawsuit.

Non-Compete Agreements

Issues with employment comprise a majority of business contract disputes. Employees are generally hired with the understanding that they will not work for the benefit of a competitor’s business. When an individual violates this agreement, business owners may struggle with the best way to handle the situation.

How to Avoid Contract Disputes

Contract disputes typically arise as a result of the parties not clearly setting the terms. Although it is likely that a business will eventually be faced with a contract dispute, there are precautionary steps which can be taken in an effort to avoid disagreements.

  • Document negotiations in writing to keep track of previous offers and changes to terms.
  • Each point in the contract should be clearly stated, including exceptions.
  • Define any technical terms or trade terms to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Hire a contract attorney if necessary. A professional will help the negotiation process to run smoothly and will be available in the event that a contract dispute arises.

Should I Hire an Attorney for Contract Disputes?

Much in the way that each contract is unique, so are the conflicts which can stem from them. Addressing a contract disagreement between participants early on is of benefit to everyone involved. Hiring an attorney before or immediately upon the occurrence of a dispute is a benefit for the business, as a resolution will often be made through mediation before the situation escalates. In the event that the discord does escalate and is taken to court, the attorney representing the business will be familiar with the many aspects of the case.

The contract dispute attorney team at Graham Legal, P.A., is well versed in the varying aspects of dispute cases. If you or your business is faced with a contract disagreement, please contact our attorneys today.

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