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How to find a foreclosure defense expert

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When foreclosures started flooding the court system a few years back, many attorneys saw an opportunity to work in another area of law. Bankruptcy lawyers in particular were compelled to jump into the foreclosure action since the two areas are closely related. Foreclosure defense didn’t become a true area of law until around 2006 because the caseload for foreclosures wasn’t heavy enough, with few cases involving mortgage-lending fraud.

Now with so many law firms claiming to be foreclosure defense experts, it begs the question, what qualifies a lawyer as a foreclosure defense expert? Experience, focus and research are what separate an expert from an amateur. If the attorney you speak with focuses more on bankruptcy practices, it’s probably safe to say that foreclosure defense is just another field of practice they tacked on to their website to draw in more cases.

During your research in finding an attorney to represent your case, ask them what percentage of their cases are only foreclosure defense and how many of those clients also have bankruptcy cases. The attorney will try to explain that the two go hand-in-hand and so many of the clients use both a means to an end. If this is an idea that a lawyer tries to sell you on, get a second opinion. Here, at Graham Legal, we are usually able to defend our clients’ foreclosure case and come to a resolution without starting other legal actions.

At Graham Legal 90% of our cases are foreclosure defense, making us the right choice to handle your foreclosure case. Contact us today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.

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