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How the Las Vegas Shooting Could Affect Florida Gun Law

how the las vegas shooting could impact florida gun law
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Now that some time has passed since the tragic mass shooting at the Harvest Musical Festival in Las Vegas, it is more clear how the heinous actions of Stephen Paddock may (or may not) impact gun law on a national and even local level. Our Miami gun law attorneys have extensive experience representing Florida gun owners in court, and hold the position that a deep understanding of laws governing firearms is the best way to avoid legal troubles. Therefore, we do our best to keep current and prospective clients informed on any potential changes relating to their rights afforded by the second amendment.

Here is what you need to know about gun law following the latest mass shooting.

Forecasting Future Legislative Shifts

At the time of this writing, it has yet to be established whether the guns Stephen Paddock was in possession of were legally obtained. However, that has not stopped lawmakers from reviewing legislation relating to the crime.

While new regulations have yet to arise as a direct result of the mass murder, several bills have been presented in Florida in the wake of the tragedy. The first of these bills specifically addresses what the authors deemed assault weapons. Democratic Sen. Linda Stewart is supporting SB 196, a measure that seeks to prohibit ownership of many semi-automatic firearms capable of holding in excess of 10 rounds. Other measures addressed mental health concerns, including SB 530, which would allow certain individuals to be placed on a 12-month hold for purchasing and owning firearms. Should it be passed, the legislation, and its sister bill H 231, could open the door to some undeserving of such designation being stripped of their second amendment rights if not properly applied.

The most likely changes to national gun law will stem from the reported use of bump stocks in the attack, which are devices used to increase firing speed on semi-automatic rifles. Following the incident, the National Rifle Association issued a statement that suggested these devices be reviewed at the federal level. Since then, a bipartisan bill has emerged with support from 20 members of the House of Representatives, which would place restrictions on access to the accessory. SB 456 also focused on this issues, seeking to ban Florida residents from owning or transferring devices that would allow semi-automatic rifles to function as fully-automatic weapons.
Though there is strong potential for this event to impact laws governing gun rights, other shootings in recent history did not lead to significant changes in legislation. However, it is worth noting that with 59 people murdered and more than 500 wounded, none in recent history reached the magnitude of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

At Graham Legal, our Miami gun law attorneys are dedicated to staying abreast of all policy changes that could impact our clients. If you have questions about your rights as a gun owner or have had those rights infringed upon, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with a member of our experienced team.

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