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How Long Can I Live In My House After Foreclosure?

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“How long can I live in my house after foreclosure” is the glaring question many homeowners are forced to ask. It drags up the word eviction, which no one ever dreamed they would have to deal with.

The window of time for the eviction process as the result of foreclosure varies, depending upon the state in which the property is located.

Once your home is auctioned by the court and the sale is confirmed, you can no longer live in your house. The sheriff’s office can and will physically evict you, removing you and your possessions from your home, usually in as little as 10-15 days.

There Are Many Legitimate Defenses Available To Help You Stay in Your House

The only guarantee of eviction is to do nothing. Most homeowners or borrowers don’t think they have any recourse, no way to stop foreclosure and save their home. This is a grave mistake.

The minute that you feel that you are in danger of losing your home, you should take action to stop foreclosure. The first step is to speak with an experienced foreclosure attorney, and understand the   legal ways to fight back.

You may be facing foreclosure and trying to educate yourself on foreclosure law, and go it alone. This is admirable but not wise. You must be extremely wary of the flood of misinformation, scams and predators that appear to be legitimate on the surface. You will be dealing with the attorneys of the large lending companies. You are also wasting valuable time, when a legal foreclosure advocate could be creating a defense that will stand up in court.

If you feel that you are heading towards foreclosure, or even if the foreclosure process is in full swing, you need to act immediately and get a foreclosure evaluation from a responsible and reputable attorney.

Change the question from “How long can I live in my house after foreclosure” to “How can I stop foreclosure and save my home.”

Find out exactly how we can help you stop the foreclosure process. Contact the Florida foreclosure prevention law firm of Graham & Associates today. Or call us Toll Free at   (888) 611-9811

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