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How is Graham Legal different from other foreclosure law firms?

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If you’re facing foreclosure, you’re probably doing your research and reading up on all of the South Florida foreclosure defense law firms, but it’s difficult to discern just from reading websites, which one is the right choice for you. That’s something that only you can decide because a number of personal factors play into deciding which attorney you feel most comfortable with.

Our primary difference is that our concentration area is foreclosure defense; most other law firms lumped in foreclosure defense to their existing repertoire of bankruptcy law cases. Around 2006 when foreclosures starting flooding the court system, particularly in South Florida, attorneys weren’t exactly ready for it because foreclosures hadn’t been considered to be its own area of law, the foreclosure cases that came up were usually due to unusual financial circumstances and they would rightfully be addressed through bankruptcy.

However, we immediately saw a need to attack just the foreclosure case independently of other debts. There are a myriad of issues that are causing many homeowners to fall into foreclosure. Thus it isn’t fair to have clients file bankruptcy, where they basically address all their debt collectively. The mortgage lenders largely caused the foreclosure crisis and that is why homeowners need to fight the lender directly.

It is because we focus on defending foreclosures exclusively that we are able to fine-tune our strategy. This is what we do every single day and it allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re facing foreclosure, but don’t feel that you need bankruptcy or you are unsure, then come to our office to speak with our experts. There are situations when bankruptcy is the better option and we will advise if your situation is one that would better benefit from one versus the other. Foreclosures are already difficult, there’s no need to try to figure it out alone.

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