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How can a Free Consultation Help You?

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There are many sources of information available for people facing foreclosure, informative websites, bank representatives and real estate agents. These sources often offer different solutions to get you back on your feet. However, even with a plan of action in place anyone who has defaulted on their mortgage should take advantage of a free consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney.

Many people are unaware that even if they are working on a loan modification with the bank, it is quite likely that the bank’s lawyers are processing the foreclosure suit at the very same time. Meeting with a foreclosure lawyer prior to being served with the foreclosure suit is the key to ensuring that the action plan runs smoothly.

A seasoned foreclosure attorney in Florida is familiar with recent rulings, is aware of how banks work around the system, and will know how much time is available to work on the remediation. A foreclosure lawyer will also provide other options that other sources, such as a real estate agent may not be familiar with. For example, an agent can assist in processing a short sale, but will not be able to customize a solution for a specific case like a lawyer will.

Anyone facing possible foreclosure should schedule a free consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney. The consultation will likely provide clarity of the situation as well as a solution. Our team is ready to help you, (305) 445-9185.

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